Managed dedicated server and unmanaged dedicated server

To implement an online service to the company first thought would be about why the dedicated hosting needed for the business. Next would be what type of dedicated hosting required. Typically, businesses with significant traffic and speed require dedicated hosting servers(managed dedicated or unmanaged dedicated). Here, the appropriate security should be offered by the hosting provider.

Managed hosting offers both dedicated servers and complete server management. The dedicated hosting server may depend on e-mail a support system. The dedicated server search request results in a glimpse of the managed and unmanaged dedicated server.

The leased space for the data server can provide access to a low-voltage network and a fully redundant and highly secured data center. Compared to shared hosting, the dedicated hosting service provides complete resources such as bandwidth for the client. The client is responsible for server administration, only pays for support and management.

1. Unmanaged dedicated server

An unmanaged dedicated server is under the full control of the client. The usage space can be known by renting a server. The customer is responsible for server management or emergency repairs.
Here, only one person or IT department responsible for monitoring the storage and security of bandwidth. In this, the server can be a game host or a web server.

2. Managed Dedicated Server

Fully managed dedicated server hosting is preferred because most people do not want to spend time on managing data rather than focusing on other things in the business.
A server owned or rented by a hosting service company in a data center can be considered a managed dedicated server. Many organizations offering these services rely on levels of support. Primary support may include malfunction notices or uncertain activity.

The managed dedicated server can contain the following
· Email support (or) Telephone support.
· Update customization updates for the operating system configuration
· Support for external software (or) tools.
· Monitor CPU bandwidth raid (or) use hard disk storage.
· Tracking the availability of downtime/ downtime and ping.

Here, support will be available to configure the server corresponding to the job requirements. The technical team will monitor the server to work precisely. The customer assisted by the dedicated managed hosting with all functions that are not performed by the hosting provider and services such as monitoring all network and hardware issues, as well as installations or relocations.

Why you need to upgrade your Hosting Solution

The growing business always leads to the celebration, especially if you are in charge, the expansion will come with great responsibilities.

To start a website, most of us look for a cost-effective solution to build a business. It is good to save money by looking for options for granted hosting server. Everyone dreams about the business to grow from the beginning and it is difficult to know exactly when you’re on the right, but upgrading your server is a good step to consider. We can know when to get a dedicated server by looking at few things.

If you are using the shared server database and it is overloaded with your data, the effects the performance within no time. when the business grows, to deal with increasing traffic you need bit powerful server. To upload large files on to your site and also for other operations you may need a good server with better CPU or RAM.

Handling the dedicated server is equaled to taking the actions to disable effects of other users in the shared server and it is in terms of software, security and applications to take a decision.

At last, to earn money which is the goal of every business, to expand a business or to launch more than one website the better choice is dedicated server. In shared servers information is shared, if you want to keep safe from others the security solution is dedicated server. Often few applications require a dedicated server. Which may happen if the software is not handled or not upgrading the hosting solution.

Switching to a dedicated server is a cost-effective move in the long run in case of buying huge disk space for larger business.

Consider the following factors to upgrade your hosting solution for better performance.

Disk space, RAM, CPU cores, and other resources
A system of extreme performance is required
An application or operating system that doesn’t support virtualization requires a host
Required serious reliability
An untested application is trying to run
Traffic is growing heavily

Managed dedicated server and unmanaged dedicated server

You want to apply for the online service to your company. First of all, you might think about why you need dedicated hosting for your business. However, what kind of dedicated hosting your business needs. Dedicated hosting servers are essential for businesses that need speed and handle high volumes of traffic. You control what happens inside the dedicated hosting server while the provider makes sure that the parts are kept in a secure environment.

A dedicated server can rely on an e-mail support system by managed hosting 24×7, offering both dedicated servers and full server management. Then you need to check out the need for a dedicated hosting server, first of all, you need to do a quick search online. The search query tells you only a preview of the two choices of dedicated managed and unmanaged server vendors, you must choose hosting provider between managed and unmanaged dedicated server provider.

Even you can share the space to rent a data server and that these servers are in full control of its use. Ideally, the equipment is leased to a vendor with access to a low-voltage network and a fully-redundant, highly secured data center. Unlike shared hosting, the dedicated hosting service ensures that all resources such as bandwidth are at your disposal to control and monitor. It also means that you are responsible for all system administration, but you can choose to pay for support and management.

1. Unmanaged dedicated server
An unmanaged dedicated server is fully controlled by you. When you rent a server this way, you need to know how much you need to run the machine software. You are responsible for maintaining your own server or for emergency repairs outside of what is promised in your SLA. This means that only one person or IT department will be responsible for tracking memory and bandwidth security. They will optimize your server to work properly, whether it’s a high-volume gaming host or a web server.

2. Managed Dedicated Server
Most of the people go with fully dedicated managed to host because they don’t want spare the time for it, managing the data all the time, they can focus on other parts of their business and they go for other hosting services. A managed dedicated hosting server is a server owned or rent by your organization of a hosting service company in a data center. There are many companies that offer their services and vary depending on the levels of support. Basic support may include notifications of malfunctions or suspicious activity in your box.

In the factors below are included in the managed dedicated server
· Email support (or) Telephone support.
· Update customization updates for the operating system configuration
· Support for external software (or) tools.
· Monitor CPU bandwidth raid (or) use hard disk storage.
· Availability tracking of uptime/downtime and pinging.

Many of them will help you configure their own server according to their work requirements. If necessary, the technical department can help you monitor the server regularly and make sure everything is running smoothly. The dedicated managed hosting service supports all the functions that you or your provider do not fulfill. For example, handles all network and hardware issues as well as installations or relocations, so that all management services work together.

SMTP Email Servers For Running A Successful Email Campaign

Why SMTP email servers are the best option so far

There are many technologies available for sending extensive mails with respect to a business. One of the reliable technologies available these days is SMTP which is the short for simple mail transfer protocol. It is a set of rules that are defined for sending mails through the internet. If you employ SMTP email servers for sending mails, not only that the progress of mails can be tracked but also you get opportunities to grow your business.

The best part of an SMTP server is that it is greatly user-friendly. You need not have great technical know how for operating an SMTP server. Plus it is easy to teach anyone how to operate it, you can be a mentor. One of the key reasons for following this track is that you can completely trust this technology.

Effectively using SMTP email servers for email campaigns

smtp email servers

Although SMTP mail servers are attributed to a plethora of uses, the prime usage is accounted for sending numerous mails at a time. Also, this protocol enables the fast sending of mails. Compared to other protocols for sending mails SMTP transcends the others when speed is taken in concern.

Now you don’t have to worry about thinking what is my SMTP server doing in my business. Moreover you will be knowing how to make use of it in an effective way. Think of the SMTP server as a private post office specially designed for your company. We cannot wait for long while considering these mails and that is what SMTP is all about.

Usually SMTP email servers connect through the port 25 for establishing a connection between the user and the mail server. The first and foremost thing that happens while you send a mail is checking for spam content. If it is found to be spam, instantly the mail is tracked and often reported.

If you now think that you don’t know what is my SMTP server, just visit some of the on-line sites. It uses the DNS to collect mail addresses of the recipients, this in turn would make sure that your mail is delivered on right time.

SMTP Server And The Success Of Your Ecommerce Business

The role of smtp server in an ecommerce business

There are many ways a business can make use of an SMTP server. Apparently this is a technology used for the sending of bulk mail which shall be explained in detail herein. A mail server has close connection with an eCommerce business than anything else. An eCommerce solution mainly deals with selling of goods and services through the internet.

And where are the mails sent through – the internet! SMTP is the short for simple mail transfer protocol. It defines the basic set of rules maintained while messages, typically emails, are sent to recipients through the internet. The success of your eCommerce business can be determined by the strategy that you use for sending bulk mail. Reports, newsletters and order tracking are done through mail these days, so it is really important with respect to a business.

How to make the most out of an SMTP server

smtp server

Things can drastically change at the side of your business by implementing some good tactics. Let is pitch our tents to the eCommerce scenario. There are tens of things that you need to consider while running an on-line business. Since most of the procedures of commerce happen “electronically” tracking can sometimes become a pain.

This is where an SMTP server comes into play. Not only that the mails get delivered in the right time but you are also enabled to track the progress of the bulk mail that you have sent. For this you need an SMTP outgoing mail server which gives detailed information on the mails that have been sent and the ones that have failed to make it to the user’s inbox.

The most important thing regarding an email marketing campaign is tracking the progress. With this you can come to know the efficiency of an SMTP server. And if you find the server to be not effective, you can think of going with another solution. And even you can track the progress of mails sent by an SMTP outgoing mail server. This can be crucial for your eCommerce business as you can find where you are lacking and “fix” that particular zone.

The Mail Server Scenario Of Every Businesses

What is the mail server actually?

Although we do a lot of email campaigns and mail marketing procedures every day in business, at times we do fail to understand how they work. The mail server is actually similar to the post office that’s near to your home. The only visible difference is that things are done “electronically” rather than manually. For running a server that is intended to provide mailing services, companies get the help of an internet service provider, often abbreviated as an ISP.

Let us take a glance at how things work when you send a mail. Sending to a mail server that belongs within your network is not at all something that needs great explanation, but when things go beyond your network, things get quite complex. There are many underlying protocols (which are basically rules for transmitting data) for sending and receiving mails.

Delving deep into the mail server to get better understanding

the mail server

Let us take a deep look at the technical aspects of the mail server. Although things at the outside feel so simple, complex procedures are carried out while sending a mail. The main protocol behind sending of mails is SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), whether it be business mails or personal mails.

An old technology that prevailed was IMAP which has now become obsolete. Latest technologies in the field of mass mailing include Linux mail server, but the scope of the same goes beyond our discussion. There are many benefits of considering Linux platform which are discusses herein.

When we consider any kind of servers, a set of programs are required for the smooth running of the same. Here the mail server requires a set of software to send the mails at the desired times.

The underlying protocols include ESMTP which is the short for Extended SMTP, generally used for sending thousands of mails at a time. Of course you need a good IT department to meet all the mailing requirements.To take the advantage of a linux mail server to the complete level, you need great expertise on technology. Whatsoever, following some simple practices while sending emails can bring great results to your organisation.

Mail SMTP server and the benefits of using it for your business

using a mail SMTP server

There are many modes through which you can send mass mails. One of the best available solutions today for this purpose is using a mail smtp server. This is quite a reliable yet completely affordable solution. You don’t have to waste a great deal of money for implementing these email technologies into your business account. If you have ecommerce businesses running online, you should be already set up with a mass mailing service. Nonetheless you require one sooner or later, if you have not yet setup one. SMTP can be preferred over other protocols because it makes the procedure of sending mails simple and effective.

mail smtp server

The real Benefits of using a mail smtp server

One of the best known benefits of using a mail smtp server is that you will get to know what really happens to your messages. Let us consider a simple scenario. Suppose that you have send some thousands of mails to a list. Now you see that only a few people have responded to the links in those mails. No doubt there would be something that went wrong. But what if you were not able to track these mistakes. This is where SMTP comes into play and it is one of the best mail server that you can find around.

On the one hand, a mail smtp server can save you a lot of time in finding the results of your mails. By results we mean the outcome of sending emails, like whether it was perfectly delivered. Were there any interruptions in between the sending procedure, SMTP will instantly give response to the sender. By this you can make sure whether the email is perceived at the other end. This is something that is really important as far as a business or ecommerce is considered. A best mail server will already have these services installed on them. So if you are using one of those, then probably you don’t have to worry about these mails going into the junk into the folder and your mails will can be sent with a good branding of your company.

Windows mail server and the distinction between linux mail servers

Getting to know more on a windows mail server

There is no other method for promotion which is as effective as email marketing. For this, you need to deploy a reliable windows mail server which can send these business mails in large numbers. There are many benefits of using this over the conventional systems albeit reliable software solutions are available these days, regardless of the platform. Basically windows is a platform which is owned by Microsoft and for using their software you have to pay them. On the other hand, Linux is totally available free of cost, cutting the cost of deployment.

Why windows mail server can be effective for businesses

windows mail server

Though the initial deployment cost for a windows mail server is going to be comparatively high, it performs really well when we think about the functionality. Businesses around the globe have been running this operating system since a long time and many of them recommend it for varied reasons. One is that it is really assistive for the workforce in the enterprise. On the other hand, Linux systems are highly effective when we consider the cost of deployment and operation. A linux mail server can cut the expenses to a great extent since it is an open source technology. Moreover you get enormous community support from developers around the globe.

Now let us consider the interface and hardware. A windows mail server will require a better hardware to unleash its full potential. Windows platform has been known and scrutinized for the hardware usage during the past few years. Although linux mail servers would only utilise the hardware according to the needs of the system, there are many other benefits of opting the same. One thing is that the interface is really clean, for instance the Gnome interface. It runs on all hardware platforms whether it be from AMD or Intel. Also there are many other uses of this platform. You get frequent updates all at free of cost. There are many online portals which you can make use of to serve better content to the user, with the Linux platform in your hand.

Things to consider while opting for email marketing newsletters

Things to consider before establishing as an email sender

Email marketing is of high importance as far as a business is considered. An email newsletter is the one which provides relevant news and progresses regarding your business. Here the email sender specifically frames a mailing list of the customers who have opted for the newsletter either through the online website or similar media. After the initiation of your email newsletters, the foremost thing that you check is the efficiency of the same. You have to make sure that you are getting some returns for your investment. Look for the number of users clicking on the links in the mails. It’s easy to track once you have reliable email servers and services employed for this task.

Qualities of a good email senderemail sender

One of the key aspects that you have to look upon is the sender score and email reach. Consider a scenario where we are not certain about the recipients. This is totally attributed to the origination of the email addresses. If you are not sure from where they came from, as an email sender there are chances for you to get meagre responses. Sometimes organisations go for rented email lists. A good percentage of these addresses have already become inactive or obsolete. Another aspect is making sure that your email is available in the inbox of the user and not the spam folder.

To check whether an email sender is categorized under spam, you just need to send a copy of these mails to your inbox. If you cannot find it there, chances are that your other recipients will end up in the same situation. You have to make sure that none of the addresses will lead to a spam trap as it can be highly disparaging for the business. Another good practice is to send greeting messages once you are done with confirmation mail. You need to add branding to your emails so that they can be easily distinguished. Who knows, your users might be receiving hundreds of similar mails in a day from different email servers across the globe. Use the same tone of communication as the user will have great expectations from your business, and you ought to not be one-sided.

A few email marketing secrets that you need to know

The relation between email marketing and a mail server

Email marketing is one of the reliable self-promotion tactics used by businesses around the globe. Although most of the companies keep the practice of sending bulk emails as a method of marketing, there are some things that they forget and perhaps these are some of the secrets that you need to know. The foremost thing that you have to keep in mind while choosing a mail server facility is your business goals and target audience. You have to know who would be reading your business mail at the other end. You should also put a signature of your company on every email that you send. This can be called as branding your mails using the business’s identity.

Making the most out of a mail servermail server

It is a good idea to spend some time and resources on designing these emails. Once you’ve got a good mail server to perform the action of sending these emails, you can think of buying pre-designed templates for the same. For best results, you can opt for an smtp mail server. There are many firms that do not focus on designs. If it is appealing to the eyes, the viewer would certainly try to take a second look at it. Now think the opposite, if it’s not at all appealing, chances are that your email gets ignored. You can try these templates for, say 30 days before you actually buy it.

Another facet of email marketing is testing the mails for better results. You have to make sure that the email is focussed on a particular topic. You have to send the mail to yourself and your friends to check for its performance. Hence you need to think of it while hiring a mail server for the same purpose. You also have to keep the subject titles short and clear. Be sure to cross check this aspect while you are using an smtp mail server sending these mails. Ask the recipients directly about the services that they are expecting from you. Always try to get a good feedback from them so that you can invest some time to make things better on your side.