Detailed Discussion on Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is a physical device which handles internet processes and support for website.
The basic outline of a server is that it processes user queries and provides appropriate information to other computers in response. A server handles appearance of website and accessibility to users.
As the name dedicated refers to a server for a particular requirement of website is provided.

For example when a user accesses a website using the browser, it shows only website instead of code which runs in the background by computer. This code is a combination of number of files, these files are stored and will be accessible to users.

Dedicated servers are mostly helpful to host compound online applications or heavy traffic websites which need more security for processes like payments. In this user have the chance of selecting type of processor, RAM and storage, the operating system and other required software. Initially big businesses with huge customer and financial data are utilized dedicated server. So to protect these kind of data from hackers servers should be situated at more protected places. More than one website can be hosted on single dedicated sever and also can divided into virtual accounts.

Generally to access the files of a website through browser, all files must be stored on a server which is connected to internet. Storing and accessing of files from a server can be referred as hosting. A server is also a computer with huge specifications where numerous people can access the same data at a time.

Hosting of website gives the access to hardware, services like server management, backups, creation of a website, malware scanning and more.

Features that a dedicated hosting plan must have:
· Updated hardware technology results the better performance
· Situate at a more secured and well monitoring data center
· Should offer 99.99% up-time and support
· Should provide an option for managed or unmanaged hosting
· Should work with more than one bandwidth providers

A dedicated server is a effective type of hosting in which the hardware and software is fully controlled by the user. Renting a dedicated server can be very expensive and needs a high level of knowledge to manage it. Dedicated server is most useful for online businesses which requires more security and flexibility.

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