Managed dedicated server and unmanaged dedicated server

To implement an online service to the company first thought would be about why the dedicated hosting needed for the business. Next would be what type of dedicated hosting required. Typically, businesses with significant traffic and speed require dedicated hosting servers(managed dedicated or unmanaged dedicated). Here, the appropriate security should be offered by the hosting provider.

Managed hosting offers both dedicated servers and complete server management. The dedicated hosting server may depend on e-mail a support system. The dedicated server search request results in a glimpse of the managed and unmanaged dedicated server.

The leased space for the data server can provide access to a low-voltage network and a fully redundant and highly secured data center. Compared to shared hosting, the dedicated hosting service provides complete resources such as bandwidth for the client. The client is responsible for server administration, only pays for support and management.

1. Unmanaged dedicated server

An unmanaged dedicated server is under the full control of the client. The usage space can be known by renting a server. The customer is responsible for server management or emergency repairs.
Here, only one person or IT department responsible for monitoring the storage and security of bandwidth. In this, the server can be a game host or a web server.

2. Managed Dedicated Server

Fully managed dedicated server hosting is preferred because most people do not want to spend time on managing data rather than focusing on other things in the business.
A server owned or rented by a hosting service company in a data center can be considered a managed dedicated server. Many organizations offering these services rely on levels of support. Primary support may include malfunction notices or uncertain activity.

The managed dedicated server can contain the following
· Email support (or) Telephone support.
· Update customization updates for the operating system configuration
· Support for external software (or) tools.
· Monitor CPU bandwidth raid (or) use hard disk storage.
· Tracking the availability of downtime/ downtime and ping.

Here, support will be available to configure the server corresponding to the job requirements. The technical team will monitor the server to work precisely. The customer assisted by the dedicated managed hosting with all functions that are not performed by the hosting provider and services such as monitoring all network and hardware issues, as well as installations or relocations.

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