5 Reasons For Doing Opt-In Mailing And Avoid Spamming

The practice of email marketing primarily requires one to clearly differentiate between opt-In mailing and spamming. But over a period, some elements in this industry have blurred this line for their own selfish benefits. Thus resulting there is confusion between opt-in mailing and spamming. Yes, confusion is bound to occur in such a huge marketing business, where millions of emails are being sent in one instant.

Difference Between Spamming And Opt-in Mailing

Let us have a clear understanding on the difference between spamming and opt-in mailing and refrain from the spamming kind of market. It would only cause damage to our own business.

Opt-in mailing
Opt-In Mailing

The emails sent with commercial purposes to people who have agreed to receive them are considered as Opt-in emails. This is also referred to as permission based email marketing. By permission here, I mean, specific permission that is granted for the receipt of emails from the sender’s own company. This does not mean that if permission is granted for the receipt of emails on a general topic, one can send emails from a particular company. So the best opt-In mailing practice is to send emails to recipients who have granted specific permission.

Now, what can be the reason of permission based emailing being legitimate?

The very fact that the recipient has signed-up for your newsletters and emails declares that he is interested in your stuff and will never mark your emails as spam. More over the chances of increasing your click through get better, considering the fact that these recipients want to know what you have to offer.

This kind of marketing has many more advantages.

  • You are improving and maintaining your prestigious reputation in the email marketing field.
  • Your customers have faith that their privacy is safe with you.
  • You have the opportunity to build long term and enduring relationships with your customers.
  • Your time and money are saved in the process of targeting a specific group of audience and not everyone.
  • Finally your sales parameter is increased and your ultimate goal is achieved.

email marketingBulk Spam Email Marketing

The emails sent for commercial purposes which are not opted in for. That means the recipient has neither subscribed for the receipt of these emails nor is interested in them. This is done by buying mailing lists or harvesting them from the internet.

The main and damaging disadvantages of bulk email spamming and buying mailing lists can be:

  • The time you have spent in doing the job is completely wasted because the uninterested recipients will not even open your emails.
  • In the same vein, you are wasting your money too.
  • The reputation of your company is at stake, with so many spam filters are on the prowl to black list any and every organization they find spamming.
  • The open and click through rates will obviously drop ruining your overall performance.

So make it legitimate by signing up more and more people through legitimate ways and grow through email marketing.