Managed dedicated server and unmanaged dedicated server

You want to apply for the online service to your company. First of all, you might think about why you need dedicated hosting for your business. However, what kind of dedicated hosting your business needs. Dedicated hosting servers are essential for businesses that need speed and handle high volumes of traffic. You control what happens inside the dedicated hosting server while the provider makes sure that the parts are kept in a secure environment.

A dedicated server can rely on an e-mail support system by managed hosting 24×7, offering both dedicated servers and full server management. Then you need to check out the need for a dedicated hosting server, first of all, you need to do a quick search online. The search query tells you only a preview of the two choices of dedicated managed and unmanaged server vendors, you must choose hosting provider between managed and unmanaged dedicated server provider.

Even you can share the space to rent a data server and that these servers are in full control of its use. Ideally, the equipment is leased to a vendor with access to a low-voltage network and a fully-redundant, highly secured data center. Unlike shared hosting, the dedicated hosting service ensures that all resources such as bandwidth are at your disposal to control and monitor. It also means that you are responsible for all system administration, but you can choose to pay for support and management.

1. Unmanaged dedicated server
An unmanaged dedicated server is fully controlled by you. When you rent a server this way, you need to know how much you need to run the machine software. You are responsible for maintaining your own server or for emergency repairs outside of what is promised in your SLA. This means that only one person or IT department will be responsible for tracking memory and bandwidth security. They will optimize your server to work properly, whether it’s a high-volume gaming host or a web server.

2. Managed Dedicated Server
Most of the people go with fully dedicated managed to host because they don’t want spare the time for it, managing the data all the time, they can focus on other parts of their business and they go for other hosting services. A managed dedicated hosting server is a server owned or rent by your organization of a hosting service company in a data center. There are many companies that offer their services and vary depending on the levels of support. Basic support may include notifications of malfunctions or suspicious activity in your box.

In the factors below are included in the managed dedicated server
· Email support (or) Telephone support.
· Update customization updates for the operating system configuration
· Support for external software (or) tools.
· Monitor CPU bandwidth raid (or) use hard disk storage.
· Availability tracking of uptime/downtime and pinging.

Many of them will help you configure their own server according to their work requirements. If necessary, the technical department can help you monitor the server regularly and make sure everything is running smoothly. The dedicated managed hosting service supports all the functions that you or your provider do not fulfill. For example, handles all network and hardware issues as well as installations or relocations, so that all management services work together.